Stephen Howard - Director/IT Specialist

Stephen has a background in IT work that spans over 20 years. He was a top consultant for Microsoft for 10 years and has been a Computer Consultant for various companies independently ever since.

Stephen specializes in custom software architecture, design, and development. He is also the producer and director of many of the media productions available through Providence Media LLC.

Deidra Howard - Director of Photography/Author/Screen Writer

​Deidra Howard is the author of Stress Less Cooking.

"We can have confidence in the midst of a stressful world. Sound impossible? No one is immune to stress-it touches every life. Because of this, it has devastated the health, mind, and spirits of many. There is more of an increase in mental disorders and disease than in any other generation. Where are we looking for answers to stop this epidemic? Have we lost control? Science is just now catching up with what God has known since the beginning of Creation. We are not just physical beings, but also spiritual beings. Because we are multidimensional, stress does not affect us just emotionally but physically as well.

This book will give you a blueprint to restore your body, mind and spirit. The recipes will support your health which will increase your ability to better adapt to stress. Adapting better to stress helps use respond to life much more effectively. When we are responding more effectively, we gain confidence."

You can order your copy of Stress Less Cooking here.

Amanda Howard - Web Design/Author/Director

Amanda Howard is a web designer for small businesses. She is a dancer, choreographer, and Personal Trainer/Health Specialist. Amanda is the owner of La Belle Vie Fitness where she trains athletes and performers to get in shape for movies and the stage.

In 2017, Amanda published her first book, A Dancer's Diary and is in the process of writing her next. A Dancer's Diary is a book written with dancers in mind to keep them healthy, strong, and injury-free throughout the year. You can order your copy today by clicking here. Or, visit her author site to see what books are in the works at the moment.

Joshua Howard - Media Specialist

Joshua has been involved with various projects through Providence Media LLC including video editing, screenwriting, and commercials. He has also produced Boredom 911. Joshua is also a personal chef.

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